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project management
Design of a supply chain management model for construction project based on viable system model( case study: petrochemical construction project)

ali mohaghar; Fatemeh Saghafi; Ebrahim Teimoury; Jalil Heidary Dahooie; Abdolkarim sabaee

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 77-127


  The application of supply chain management within the construction industry presents significant challenges due to the transient nature of construction projects, high levels of customization, low repeatability of activities, absence of a production line, and interdependent relationships among activities. ...  Read More

Using Weighted Maximal Covering Model with Partial Coverage and Geographical Information Systems for Locating Bank Branches

Ali Mohaghar; Sara Aryaee; Jalil Heidary; Ara Toomanian

Volume 15, Issue 47 , January 2017, , Pages 1-22


  Nowadays banks, credit and financial institutions are trying to increase profits, reduce costs, compete with rivals, attract customers and increase productivity. One of the factors that contributes to the implementation of these strategies is the optimum locations of branches. Locating the new branches ...  Read More

Agility Evaluation by Using Verbal Variables in Fuzzy Logic and Ranking Fuzzy Numbers by Using Central Gravity Point Technique and Topsis (Case study: Yazd Alloy Steel Company)

Ali Mohaghar; Ali Morvoti Sharifabadi; Seyed Abdolaziz Yonesifar

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, , Pages 1-22

  In this article we try to collect all opinions of previous researchers in agility evaluation field and to provide a new method for evaluating agility by using Fuzzy logic. First, the structure’s agility level is evaluated by using FAI method. Due to the ranking Fuzzy numbers’ role and importance ...  Read More