Aims and Scope

Primary objective

The Journal of Industrial Management Studies (JIMS) is dedicated to advancing the field of industrial management through the publication of high-quality original research papers, case studies, and review papers that contribute to the understanding of best practices, emerging trends, and new approaches.

Providing an authentic and leading source for the dissemination of knowledge and new achievements in the field of industrial management, as well as creating a platform for researchers interested in the latest developments to exchange ideas and insights and foster collaboration and innovation, is one of the perspectives of JIMS.

To provide researchers with quicker and easier access to the latest scientific findings, this publication follows an open-access policy for its articles, allowing anyone to use the published research.

JIMS is an open-access, peer-reviewed publication with a double-blind review process covering all aspects of industrial management. Encouraging authors to present original research papers with practical implications for industrial managers and case studies that illustrate the application of industrial management concepts in the real-world settings is one of the features of this journal. JIMS also welcomes review papers that contribute to improving and advancing our understanding of key topics in industrial management.


Secondary objectives

  1. To contribute to the development of theory and application in the field of industrial management by publishing research that addresses the needs of researchers, students, and managers.
  2. To create a scientific platform that facilitates the sharing of the latest findings by researchers in various fields of industrial management.
  3. To assist industrial managers in familiarizing themselves with the latest approaches to managing industrial organizations.
  4. To publish articles with the potential to influence policy and practice in the field of industrial management.



Main specialized axes

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Operations Research
  • Decision sciences (deterministic, fuzzy, probabilistic)
  • Supply chain management
  • Service operations management
  • Quality management
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Project management
  • Performance management
  • Strategic management
  • Industry 4.0/5.0


Subsidiary specialized axes

  • Optimization techniques
  • Mathematical programming
  • Design of experiments (DOE)
  • Metaheuristic algorithms
  • Regression analysis
  • Game theory
  • Queuing theory
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Data envelopment analysis (DEA)
  • Logistics and transportation management
  • Facility management
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Facility layout and location
  • Reliability and maintainability engineering
  • Product development and innovation
  • Industrial safety and health management
  • Business process management
  • Industrial marketing and sales management
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement management
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in operations management
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing
  • Production planning and control
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Performance evaluation
  • Crisis management
  • Lean management
  • Six Sigma and continuous improvement



Editorial and publishing policies

  • All submissions are subjected to rigorous peer-review by experts in the relevant fields, and all published articles meet the highest standards of quality and scholarship.
  • Ensuring the quality and credibility of published articles by a double-blind peer-review process.
  • Ensuring the originality of published articles by checking for similarity (accepting similarity of less than 15%).
  • Assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to published articles
  • Publishing articles quarterly, four issues per year
  • Providing open access to published articles








Abstracting and indexing

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  • Noormagz
  • Google Scholar
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)
  • LinkedIn
  • Scientific Information Database (SID)
  • National digital archive of Iranian scientific publications
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