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Interpretive Structural Modeling of Petrochemical Industry Supply Chain Risks

Ali Atashsooz; Kamran Feizi; Abolfazl Kazazi; Laya Olfat

Volume 14, Issue 41 , July 2016, , Pages 39-73


  In a complex and volatile environment of the supply chain, any attempt to reduce the risks may increase or decrease other risks; thus, achieving an overall picture of the risks of supply chain and relationships between them are necessary and will lead to more effective and comprehensive strategy to response ...  Read More

Supply Risk Management in Automotive Industry Supply Chain: A Grounded Theory

masuod simkhah; kamran Feizi

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, , Pages 1-25

  This paper provides a process model for supply risk management in the automotive supply chain. Process model describes why the automobile manufacturer's entry into the supply risk management process and how automobile manufacturer manages supply risk. Rely on grounded theory and based on 13 qualitative ...  Read More

Design of multi-objective mathematical model of crashing PERT networks using genetic algorithm

Majid Esmaelian; Kamran Feizi; Amir Afsar

Volume 10, Issue 26 , January 2012, , Pages 55-73

  In this paper, a nonlinear multi objective mathematical model forcrashing the PERT network is presented. The main purpose of thismodel is minimizing the pessimistic time of critical activities byallocating more budget. In fact, this model indicates how the budget isallocated among critical activities. ...  Read More

Barriers of E-Banking Development in Iran

Kamran Feizi; Toraj Sadeghi

Volume 3, Issue 8 , March 2005, , Pages 111-128

  In this article concepts and different kinds of e banking services are introduced. Then by a comparative study and survey the crucial factors and the relative criteria regarding e banking development in Iran are recognized. These factors are sorted in order of their importance and according to the results ...  Read More

The Method of Referencing to Electronic Information Resources in Scientific and Practical Researches

Kamran Feizi; Ali Reza Moghaddasi

Volume 2, Issue 7 , December 2004, , Pages 105-118

  Today with the advances in the applications of information and communication technologies in the field of research it is necessary to protect the rights of those authors who publish and their works through global and local information networks such as internet and intranets. In this article the importance ...  Read More

Information Technology Applications in Business Process Re-engineering

K. Feizee; A. R. Moghadasi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, , Pages 49-70

  This article sheds light on the main reasons of moving organizations toward business process reengineering and the basic characteristics of information technology based business process reengineering. Then the main information technology oriented effective factors in business process reengineering are ...  Read More

Harnessing the Potential of Emerging Technologies: A Review of Key Development and Commercialization Strategies

Kamran Feizi; Alfred Sarkissian

Volume 2, Issue 4 , March 2004, , Pages 1-16

  Emerging technologies such as biotheraputics are widely view as the source of new types of competitive advantage. Despite their huge potential gaining advantages from these technologies requires adopting different types of managerial skills and insight than those utilized in the context of incremental ...  Read More

Virtual Organizations: Information Age Organizations

Kamran Feizi; Ali Reza Moghaddasi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , October 2003, , Pages 101-124

  One of the most interesting reengineered organizational structures is virtual organization. A virtual organization is an organization composed of several business partners sharing costs and resources for the purpose of manufacturing a products or services. The creation, operation and management of a ...  Read More

A Brief Research of Entrepreneurship Training Concepts, Applications and Courses

K. Feizi; A.R. Moghaddasi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2003, , Pages 125-145

  This paper serves to better introduce the concepts and some definitions of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship training. Then some objectives, advantages and content outlines in three levels (individual, organizational and environmental) of entrepreneurship training are described. Indeed, ...  Read More