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Evaluating IT Projects Outsourcing Risks in Iran Water Power and Resources Development Company (Ab-Niru)

Fattah Mikaeelei; Hossein Sedaghati

Volume 4, Issue 13 , June 2006, , Pages 19-40

  This research is done in order to evaluate and manage IT/IS outsourcing risks. Awareness about outsourcing, as a supportive source of organization strategies, is increasing and it is not only seen as a factor to reduce organization costs anymore. For this reason, organizations inclination to use IT Outsourcing, ...  Read More

Barriers of E-Banking Development in Iran

Kamran Feizi; Toraj Sadeghi

Volume 3, Issue 8 , March 2005, , Pages 111-128

  In this article concepts and different kinds of e banking services are introduced. Then by a comparative study and survey the crucial factors and the relative criteria regarding e banking development in Iran are recognized. These factors are sorted in order of their importance and according to the results ...  Read More

Information Technology Applications in Business Process Re-engineering

K. Feizee; A. R. Moghadasi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, , Pages 49-70

  This article sheds light on the main reasons of moving organizations toward business process reengineering and the basic characteristics of information technology based business process reengineering. Then the main information technology oriented effective factors in business process reengineering are ...  Read More

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Information Technology (IT): Relationships and Performances

M. Ansari; J. Salehi Sadaghiani

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, , Pages 71-89

  Modern and new technologies have changed the management view and the methods of problem solving and management of organizations. For effectively managing the organizations at todays changing environment managers should view different global economic, social, political and legal conditions and must pay ...  Read More

Virtual Organizations: Information Age Organizations

Kamran Feizi; Ali Reza Moghaddasi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , October 2003, , Pages 101-124

  One of the most interesting reengineered organizational structures is virtual organization. A virtual organization is an organization composed of several business partners sharing costs and resources for the purpose of manufacturing a products or services. The creation, operation and management of a ...  Read More

Iranian Industry’s Need for Learning and the Requirements of Creating Learning Industries

Hossein Rahmanseresht

Volume 1, Issue 2 , October 2003, , Pages 11-22

  Iran’s industry has had a considerable number of difficulties to perform so well as was expected in the post – revolutionary era. Unfavorable legal, political environments combined with eight –year imposed war may be singled out as the root causes of such performances. However, this ...  Read More