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supply chain management
Identifying components and driving indicators in green supply chain management based on Internet of Things

hossein karimi; MohhamadJavad Jamshidi; Milad Bakhsham

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 129-160


  This research aims to identify key components and indicators for managing green supply chains utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). The methodology employed is a mixed approach consisting of two stages. First, through qualitative content analysis, this study reviews theoretical foundations and previous ...  Read More

Identifying Factors Affecting the Establishment of Green Supply Chain Management with a Meta-Synthesis Approach

Azam Tariyan; Hessam ZandHessami; Abbas khamseh

Volume 20, Issue 67 , February 2023, , Pages 237-266


  The construction industry has always had significant destructive effects on the environment. Utilizing green supply chain management strategies to achieve sustainable construction is an effective approach to reducing environmental damage. In this research, the qualitative approach and interpretive paradigm, ...  Read More

Designing a Model for Examining Impact of Government Intervention on the Competition between Green and Non-green Agency Supply Chains

Mohammadtaghi Moharrami; Mohammad Kazem Sayadi; Meysam Rafei

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, , Pages 35-71


  Nowadays, due to the pollution that businesses and various industries impose to the environment, the adoption of strategies and policies by governments to improve the environmental performance of the supply chain has received more attention. The green supply chain will have many benefits, such as saving ...  Read More

supply chain management
The impact of government intervention on competition between green and non green supply chains for social welfare

mohammadreza monjazeb; Mohammadkazem Sayadi; Mohammadjavad Farsayad

Volume 19, Issue 63 , January 2022, , Pages 51-83


  Nowadays with increasing environmental pollution government's attention to the concept of the green supply chain has increased. The green supply chain produces a green product that is highly environmentally friendly. The purpose is to examine the impact of government intervention on competition between ...  Read More

Developing a Conceptual Model of Green Supply Chain Antecedents and Consequences using Qualitative Qualification Approach

Navid Pishkar; Mohammad ali Nasimi; Maryam Rahmati

Volume 18, Issue 59 , January 2021, , Pages 335-357


  The purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual model and classify the antecedents and consequences of the green supply chain in the parts industry. The study method is qualitative content analysis and the main tool for data collection is semi-structured interviews. Data analysis was performed using ...  Read More

Petroleum Products Greenness Degree Evaluation Using Fuzzy Hierarchy Inference System

Amir Yousefli; Vahid Karimpour Khameneh; Reza Norouzi

Volume 18, Issue 57 , July 2020, , Pages 213-234


  Refineries, including the conversion industries, use oil and gas as row materials and their production processes and products could be so harmful to the environment if they could not manage properly. Nowadays, these companies are working hard to minimize the environmental damages caused by their products, ...  Read More

The Impact of Green Training on Organizational Performance Through the Mediating Role Of Green Supply Chain Management (the Case: National Oil Products Distribution Company of Guilan)

Soroush Avakh Darestani; Fatemeh Fazel

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, , Pages 245-274


  Training and development are considered as the facilitator of Green Human Resource Management. Green training related to environmental issues and enables all employees to the organization's performance with environmental issues are integrated. The aim of this research was about investigating the relationship ...  Read More

An Integrated Location-Production-Distribution Model in the Green Supply Chain Considering Customer Service Level

Saeed Mousakhani; Saeed Mousakhani; Mohamad Sadegh Sangari

Volume 18, Issue 56 , April 2020, , Pages 275-304


  Integrated production-distribution planning is one of the main issues in supply chain management that plays an important role in reducing supply chain costs. In addition, choosing optimal location of distribution centers can facilitate achieving this goal. On the other hand, environmental laws and regulations ...  Read More

A Bi-Objective Model to Design Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network under Uncertainty

Zahra Safari

Volume 17, Issue 54 , October 2019, , Pages 223-262


  By increasing attention to environmental issues, the problem of design closed-loop supply chain has been more important. The integrated design of closed-loop supply chains as one of the most important issues in the management of supply chains involve determining the location and number of required facilities ...  Read More

A bi-objective facility location model for green supply chain network

hadis drikvand; seyyed mohammad hajimolana

Volume 16, Issue 51 , January 2019, , Pages 235-263


  Environmental concerns have spurred an interest in studying green supply chain. Nowadays, governmental and non-governmental organizations consider environmental management as a strategic requirement having numerous benefits. Therefore, they effort to increase customers' satisfactory and market share ...  Read More