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A New Method for Reliability Calculation of the Active Systems with Time-Dependent Failure Rates based on Weibull Distribution

pedram Pourkarim guilani; Mani Sharifi; parham azimi; maghsoud Amiri

Volume 19, Issue 61 , August 2021, , Pages 95-124


  Due to the high sensitivity in applying of electronic and mechanical equipment, creating any conditions to increase the reliability of a system is always one of the important issues for system designers. Hence, making academic models much closer to the real word applications is very attractive. In the ...  Read More

Availability Maximization of Redundancy Allocation Problem (RAP) of Series-Parallel System by Considering Failure Rates and Non-Exponential Repair

SEYYED ALI Mirnezhad; Parham Azimi; Ahmad Yousefi Hanoomarvar

Volume 18, Issue 59 , January 2021, , Pages 151-180


  In the present study, the redundancy allocation problem (RAP) of series-parallel system has been investigated to maximize the system's availability. To achieve the research objective, budget, weight and volume constraints, and the maximum and minimum number of elements assigned to each subsystem have ...  Read More

Providing a model to optimize preventive maintenance schedules for multi-component systems using GA

Arman Sajedinejad; Meysam Lotfi

Volume 17, Issue 55 , January 2020, , Pages 137-160


  In this paper, a non-periodic preventive maintenance scheduling optimization model for multi-component systems is provided based on the maximum availability of system components. In addition to providing the required level of system reliability and satisfy other system constraints (maintenance activities ...  Read More

Evaluation of system and subsystem of Tehran’s subway trains ventilation using three-stage fuzzy relational data envelopment analysis

Seyed Alireza Mir Mohammad Sadeghi*,; Mahdi Moghan; Mahdi Keshavarz; Mehrnoosh Keshavarz; Fatemeh Khaje Nori

Volume 15, Issue 44 , April 2017, , Pages 117-157


  Subway network extension, growing expansion an inherent management complexities, made it necessary to use scientific approach, modern technology and global experiences about maintenance. Many equipments and trains of subway network, consist of repairable items which consume considerable human and financial ...  Read More

Fuzzy multi-objective preventive maintenance and replacement scheduling using integer non-linear programming

Reza Alikhani; Mahmoud Saremi

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, , Pages 79-108


  The scheduling of preventive maintenance and replacement is one of the crucial issues in the literature of system reliability and maintenance engineering. The importance of this issue is more evident in series system in which by stopping a component the whole system will stop. However, the quest of the ...  Read More