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A model for supply chain performance evaluation using by network data envelopment analysis model (Case of: Supply chain of pharmaceutical companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Laya Olfa; ahanyar BamdadSoofu; Maghsoud Amir; Mostafa Ebrahimpoor Azbari

Volume 10, Issue 26 , January 2012, , Pages 9-34

  For performance evaluation of supply chain, having a comprehensivemodel with reliable data is useful. This can help to improve the entirechain. In this paper a model is presented, according to the nature ofnetwork and multi-stage supply chain, that able to evaluate theperformance of the entire chain ...  Read More

The lean Enterprise Assessment Model in Iranian Auto-making Companies (Cases of Iran khodro, SAIPA & Pars khodro)

Jahanyar Bamdad Soufi; Reza Gharacipour

Volume 8, Issue 19 , December 2010, , Pages 23-52

  Creating value for stakeholders with maximum productivity is a goal obtained by lean enterprise. In this paper designing comprehensive and valid assessment model is observed for lean enterprise, after reviewing literature and comparing assessment models of lean enterprise to each other, the conceptual ...  Read More

The operational model for supply chain agility evaluation in national Iranian oil company: case of NISOC

Rohollah sohrabi; AbolfazI Kazazi; Jahanyar B. Soofi

Volume 6, Issue 17 , September 2007, , Pages 49-73

  Although the importance of Agility in supply chain in many different industries is clear, and being responsive, customer oriented and, flexible is obvious in management and organizations, Iran big oil companies do not pay enough attention to designing and implementation of their supply chains. The purpose ...  Read More

Attitude Assessment in Management Studies by Likert Scale

Jahanyar Bamdad Sufl; Saeed Shahbaz Moradi; Majid Salimi

Volume 3, Issue 8 , March 2005, , Pages 55-70

  Building a research  questionnaire  and using  assessment tools  play a crucial role  in social,  management  and behavioral  sciences.  Scales  and questionnaires are deemed wrongly as the same tools, but in spite of the similarities that are basically ...  Read More