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Building a research  questionnaire  and using  assessment tools  play a crucial role  in social,  management  and behavioral  sciences.  Scales  and questionnaires are deemed wrongly as the same tools, but in spite of the similarities that are basically and technichally different. Although, making a research   scale   or questionnaire may  seem   quite   an  easy  job   for  son researchers,   gathered  results  by these  tools  are normally miles  away  fro the reality.  By this token,  it necessitates  some technical  skills  and scientif background.
This  article  is to study the likert  Scale,  introduced   by R. Likert  in 193 as  the   most   commonly    used   assessment    tools   and   the   most   recent published   researches'   findings  are explored  to build  and  statically  analy: the produced  results  developed  by likert Scale.