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Evaluation and Importance-Performance Analysis of LARG Supply Chain Practices in Dairy Industries (The Case: Kalleh Dairy Company)

Zeinolabedin Akbarzadeh; Abdolhamid Safaei Ghadikolaei

Volume 18, Issue 57 , July 2020, , Pages 145-174


  Today, one of the main concerns of managers interested in supply chain novel paradigms (SC) is identification of improvement priorities and determination of the focal points to promote the performance of SC. With studying effective practices performance in three echelons of Kalleh SC (first tier supplier, ...  Read More

Determination Maintenance Strategies using multi-stage Fuzzy Inference System (the case study of shahid salimi's power plants)

elahe shakeri kenari; Abdolhamid Safaei Ghadikolaei

Volume 17, Issue 54 , October 2019, , Pages 291-325


  Abstract: Maintenance and Repairment is important, because Efficient Management can be very Effective in Countinuity Production Lines and Reduce Costs. This Problem is very important in power plants as the main resource of energy supply in the country. The Purpose of This Paper is to Presentation a Practical ...  Read More

Fuzzy Delphi and Back- Propagation model for sale forecasting in Wood and Paper industry Case: Mazandaran Wood & Paper

Mirza Hassan Hosseini; Abdolhamid Safaee; Somayeh Alavy nezhad

Volume 8, Issue 19 , December 2010, , Pages 217-238

  Nowadays quantitative methods have become very important tools for forecasting purposes in markets as for improved decisions and investment. Forecasting accuracy is one of the most important factors involved in selecting method; Artificial Neural Network (ANNs) arc flexible computing frameworks that ...  Read More