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Identifying Factors Affecting the Establishment of Green Supply Chain Management with a Meta-Synthesis Approach

Azam Tariyan; Hessam ZandHessami; Abbas khamseh

Volume 20, Issue 67 , February 2023, , Pages 237-266


  The construction industry has always had significant destructive effects on the environment. Utilizing green supply chain management strategies to achieve sustainable construction is an effective approach to reducing environmental damage. In this research, the qualitative approach and interpretive paradigm, ...  Read More

quality management
Structural modeling based on supply chain management in relation to total quality management, maintenance and comprehensive productivity, learning organization and operational performance

amir mohammad khani; Abolfazl Kazzazi; Soraya birami

Volume 20, Issue 65 , June 2022, , Pages 39-84


  The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between comprehensive productive maintenance, TQM, supply chain management, learning organization characteristics and operational performance. In order to conduct research operations, the conceptual framework of the research was first presented ...  Read More

Factors Influencing Distribution Network Structural Decisions and Distribution Management Policies in the Food Distribution Industry

Mahdi Haghighi Kaffash; Zhre Dehdashtishahrokh; Vahid Khashei; Reza Hajari

Volume 18, Issue 57 , July 2020, , Pages 235-274


  This study is conducted to identify and analysis the relationship between the factors affecting the distribution network design (DND) in the food distribution industry in Iran. In this paper, the distribution network design has been classified into two main areas of the strategic structure of the distribution ...  Read More

Reliable Facility Location-Allocation Optimization Model under the Risk of Disruptions Mehdi Seifbarghy,* Shima Zangeneh**

Mehdi Seifbarghy; Shima Zangeneh

Volume 16, Issue 49 , July 2018, , Pages 137-198


  In the classic models of facility location, it is assumed that the selected facilities always work based on the schedule while, in the real world, facilities are always exposed to disruption risk and sometimes these disruptions have long-term effects on the supply chain network and cause a lot of problems. ...  Read More

A hybrid model for suppliers' selection based on clustering method using NRGA and NSGA-II algorithms

Parham Azimi; Farzaneh Goldar; Esmaeil Mehdizadeh

Volume 13, Issue 36 , April 2015, , Pages 115-142

  Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the most important competitive strategies used by modern companies. The main goal of supply chain management is integration different suppliers to fulfill market demand. Therefore, evaluation and selection of suppliers has critical role and significant effect on ...  Read More

Scheduling trucks transportation in supply chain regarding cross docking using meta-heuristic algorithms

Ali Mohtashami; Ali Fallahian-Najafabadi

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, , Pages 55-84

  In today’s competitive world, the organizations decide to establish competitive benefits by making benefit from management sciences. One of the most important management sciences arisen lots of so useful matters is the supply chain. The supply chain management is the evolved result of warehousing ...  Read More

Employing Multi Attributes Decision Making Techniques for Rating the Supply Chain Risk Factors (Case Study: the field of information technology in small and medium enterprises)

Haidar Mirfakhroddini; Davood Andalib Ardakani; Morteza Rezaei Asl

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, , Pages 107-130

  Supply chain is a network of independent organizations that cooperate with each other, in order to control, manage and improve material and information flow from suppliers to final consumers to meet customer satisfaction. In Industry, especially industries that are moving towards the longer supply chain, ...  Read More

Three-echelon Supply Chain Management under Uncertainty Using Multi-objective Fuzzy Programming

Mostafa Ekhtiari

Volume 8, Issue 18 , September 2010, , Pages 123-160

  In this paper, a single-product three-echelon supply chain with the loops of manufactures-distributors-customers has been considered where the customers demand, the percent of rejected product from customers and the shipping time of product from distributors to customers are considered as fuzzy variables. ...  Read More