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supply chain management
A Model for Inventory Control in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management considering Multiple Objective Planning Case: Iran Khodro Cut and Press Shop Company

Abolfazl Sadeghian; Seyed Mohammad Ali Khatami Firouzabadi; Laya Olfat; maghsoud Amiri

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 November 2022


  Nowadays attending to closed-loop supply chain matter for survival in competitive circumstances not only has been become a controversial topic but also has been considered as a critical topic too. Close loop supply chain has combined to direct and reverse flow (method/ manner). This paper’s goal ...  Read More

supply chain management
Providing a Framework for Lean, Agile, and Resilient Supplier Selection in the Supply Chain of the Etka Organization: A Rough MCDM Approach

Akbar Rahimi; mohamad hossein karimi govareshki; Amirreza zareei

Volume 22, Issue 72 , May 2024, , Pages 128-174


  The competitive landscape among companies and their supply chains necessitates a heightened focus on collaborating with the best suppliers. The appropriate selection of suppliers presents an opportunity for organizations to gain a sustainable competitive advantage while enhancing profitability. The Etka ...  Read More

supply chain management
Modeling and scenario analysis of coping strategies for the ripple effect in Iran's food products supply chain: Fuzzy cognitive mapping approach

Ali Mirzaei; Esmaeil Mazroui Nasrabadi

Volume 22, Issue 72 , May 2024, , Pages 230-272


  The supply chain of the food industry is crucial for countries, yet it is vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural disasters like floods, frost, and heatwaves, as well as operational shutdowns. These disruptions can trigger a ripple effect throughout the food supply chain, posing significant challenges ...  Read More

supply chain management
Clustering the application of digital technologies of Industry 4.0 in the agri-food distribution network: a bibliometric study

Allahyar Beigi Firoozi; Mohammad Bashokouh Ajirlou; Naser Seffollahi; Ghasem Zarei

Volume 21, Issue 71 , January 2024, , Pages 123-175


  The current study aimed to cluster the application of digital technologies from Industry 4.0 in the agricultural food distribution network. To achieve this goal, a bibliometric technique was employed to identify prominent trends and themes in this field through the analysis of articles, authors, countries, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Identifying and Prioritizing Factors Affecting Transportation Risk Management in the Food Supply Chain Using Gray Delphi And Gray COPRAS

Mahsa Pishdar; Atefeh Habibi

Volume 21, Issue 71 , January 2024, , Pages 263-295


  To explain a framework for managing the risk of transportation in the food industry supply chain, the initial step involves identifying 12 risks that can potentially lead to transportation disruptions, based on the research background. Utilizing the Delphi method and gathering opinions from 15 academic ...  Read More

supply chain management
An analysis of the enablers effective on the implementation of the circular economy and Industry 4.0 in the supply chain

Mehrdad kiani; davood andalib ardakani; Habib Zare Ahmadabadi; Seid Heydar Mirfakhraddini

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, , Pages 1-43


  Circular economy and Industry 4.0 are concepts that have garnered significant attention from businesses and universities in recent years. They are currently being promoted by many governments worldwide. The synergy between these two concepts offers the potential to move towards a more sustainable society ...  Read More

supply chain management
Multi-objective planning and scheduling of operating rooms and sterile section reusable surgical devices with a scenario-based robust optimization approach

Fatemeh Arjmandi; Parvaneh Samouei

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, , Pages 45-87


  Planning and scheduling operating rooms and required equipment is very important for hospital managers from the perspective of cost, social, and health principles. Because operating rooms are one of the sources of income for hospitals that can provide the services needed by emergency patients who arrive ...  Read More

supply chain management
Performance Evaluation of sustainable supply chain of perishable products in the food industry

shahryar marzban; Morteza Shafiee; Mohammad Reza Mozaffari

Volume 21, Issue 70 , October 2023, , Pages 173-225


  There is a growing concern about the social and environmental impact of the food supply chain, and the food industry faces numerous challenges. This has created significant pressure from various stakeholders to enhance the sustainable performance of the life cycle of perishable products. In this study, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Designing a closed-loop supply chain multi-objective optimization model with the aim of supplier selection and order allocation (case study: Iran's retail stores for protein products)

Mina Kazemi Miyangaskari; Mohammad Reza Mehrregan; Hossein Safari; samira keivanpour; Mahmoud Dehghan Nayer

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 1-42


  In today's competitive business landscape, the efficient management of supply chains has become a cornerstone of success for economic enterprises. Supplier selection, as the initial link in the supply chain, holds significant sway over various critical factors, such as product quality, return rates, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Integrated production and distribution scheduling in a dental prosthetics supply chain under additive manufacturing environment

S.Ali Torabi; Yasin Heidari

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 43-75


  In a competitive world, one of the most crucial ways to enhance the supply chain performance of manufacturing companies is through integrated scheduling of production and distribution activities. Two significant concerns for dentists and patients include delayed denture deliveries and the multiple production ...  Read More

supply chain management
Identifying components and driving indicators in green supply chain management based on Internet of Things

hossein karimi; MohhamadJavad Jamshidi; Milad Bakhsham

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 129-160


  This research aims to identify key components and indicators for managing green supply chains utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). The methodology employed is a mixed approach consisting of two stages. First, through qualitative content analysis, this study reviews theoretical foundations and previous ...  Read More

supply chain management
Assessment of Supply Chain Risks on New Product Development Performance Using Bayesian Network (Case Study: HappyLand Garment Manufacturing Factory)

mona mousavie; Mahmoud Moradi; Mostafa Ebrahimpour Azbari

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 161-198


  In light of the continuous and rapid changes in global competition, companies face the imperative of consistently introducing new products or expanding their existing product lines to maintain their competitive edge. Recognizing that numerous factors within the supply chain influence the production, ...  Read More

supply chain management
Efficiency evaluation of cement production companies using nonhomogeneous network DEA

Homa Abedi Dehkordi; Ghasem Tohidi; Shabnam Razavyan; Mohammad Ali Keramati

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 199-233


  Cement production in Iran takes place across various geographical locations, each characterized by distinct weather conditions. The technology employed in cement production varies depending on the availability of raw materials, fuel sources, and essential resources like water. Consequently, diverse inputs ...  Read More

supply chain management
Developing the LARG-Effective Supply Chain Model Using a System Dynamics Approach

fateme khanzadi; Reza Radfar; nazanini pilevari salmasi

Volume 21, Issue 68 , May 2023, , Pages 153-196


  Nowdays, supply chain specialists are looking for the integrated development of the supply chain model in order to increase the competitiveness, effectiveness and reduce the problems in the supply chain. They always seek to identify and develop this process so that they can cover more aspects of the ...  Read More

supply chain management
Designing a Sustainable Closed-Loop Logistics Network Considering the Multi-Mode Demand in Uncertain Environment

Ali Mahmoodirad; Ali Tahmasebi Notareki; Sadegh Niroomand

Volume 21, Issue 68 , May 2023, , Pages 197-240


  The closed-loop supply chain is used in practice for several reasons. Firstly, returning products to the production cycle is important for its operation. Secondly, sustainability in the supply chain is a topic of interest for researchers, as the environmental impacts of industries are significant. In ...  Read More

supply chain management
Integration of supplier selection and resilient closed loop supply chain design and ranking based on fuzzy-MOORA-reference point method

Mehdi Seifbarghy; Nastaran Bakhshizadeh

Volume 20, Issue 65 , June 2022, , Pages 1-37


  Closed loop supply chain network design is of great important due to the legal requirements and economic benefits. Raw material suppliers are of the most important players of this supply chain. Most of the previous researchers studied the design problem separated from the supplier assessment. Some other ...  Read More

supply chain management
Developing refrigerated and general carriers’ collaboration model for perishable product

Shaghayegh Vaziri; Farhad Etebari; Behnam Vahdani

Volume 20, Issue 65 , June 2022, , Pages 143-183


  In this paper, we study a novel pickup and delivery problem called carrier collaboration (CC). This problem includes a set of heterogenous (refrigerated and general type) vehicles with specific capacities for serving perishable products to several pickup and delivery nodes. Each carrier can have reserved ...  Read More

supply chain management
Design of Supply Chain Strategies Model Using System Dynamics (SD) in Wood and Paper Industry

Mohammad ali Enayati shiraz; Seyed Abdollah Heydariyeh; Mohammad Ali Afshar kazemi

Volume 20, Issue 64 , January 2022, , Pages 153-182


  Supply chain management can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. The present study is in search of paper industry supply chain strategies with respect to supply chain dynamics and lean supply chain using dynamics in order to gain a competitive advantage in Iran Wood and Paper Industries Company ...  Read More

supply chain management
Cold-water farmed fish chain supply chain network design considering uncertainty conditions: A case study of trout supply chain network in Mazandaran

Maedeh Fasihi; Seyed Esmaeil Najafi; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; Mostafa Hahiaghaei-Keshteli

Volume 19, Issue 63 , January 2022, , Pages 1-50


  The supply chain management is an important factor in current competitive market. In recent years, the shortage of resources for answering an increasing food demand has increased researchers’ attention to the food supply chain. Given the importance of fish in the Household Food Basket, the development ...  Read More

supply chain management
The impact of government intervention on competition between green and non green supply chains for social welfare

mohammadreza monjazeb; Mohammadkazem Sayadi; Mohammadjavad Farsayad

Volume 19, Issue 63 , January 2022, , Pages 51-83


  Nowadays with increasing environmental pollution government's attention to the concept of the green supply chain has increased. The green supply chain produces a green product that is highly environmentally friendly. The purpose is to examine the impact of government intervention on competition between ...  Read More

supply chain management
Providing a supply chain resilience model in Panha Company

Akbar Rahimi; Alireza Boshehri; Arash Jafarian

Volume 19, Issue 63 , January 2022, , Pages 85-124


  The oppressive sanctions of the superpowers in the supply of our country's military equipment, as well as the use of a significant number of helicopters with military and civilian applications (including transportation, rescue, agriculture, fire, crisis management, etc.), in the country, The importance ...  Read More

supply chain management
The effect of supply chain quality management and innovation performance on the operational performance of businesses operating in the food industry of Golestan province

Abolfazl Kazai; amir mohammad khani; soraya birami

Volume 19, Issue 62 , September 2021, , Pages 67-98


  As an important dimension of company performance, the impact of supply chain quality management (SCQM) on innovation performance has not been studied in internal studies. In addition, internal research into the capabilities of SCQM, a key driver for SCQM, has been very limited. To fill this research ...  Read More

supply chain management
Fabric procurement planning and evaluating in apparel global supply chain: An Integrated modified VIKOR with fuzzy-random data and nonlinear programming

R. Ghasemy Yaghin; Fateme Darvishi

Volume 19, Issue 62 , September 2021, , Pages 193-223


  This paper presents a global supplier selection model for the textile and clothing industry using a fuzzy multi-criteria group decision making approach. Then, the order quantity of each supplier is determined by a mathematical programming model. In the first step, a group fuzzy analysis hierarchical ...  Read More

supply chain management
Designing Structure Evaluation Model at the Upstream of Automotive Supply Chains by an Adapted Spectral Clustering

Mostafa Ziyaei Hajipirlu; Houshang Taghizadeh; Mortaza Honarmand Azimi

Volume 19, Issue 61 , August 2021, , Pages 147-180


  The purpose of this study is to design supply chains' upstream structure evaluation model in the automotive industry with spectral clustering based on the theory of complex adaptive systems. In this research, a method for evaluating the intersectionalities related to the structural complexity (horizontal, ...  Read More