Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Mazandaran

2 Associate professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Mazandaran


Appropriate scheduling of shifts for nurses, is a critical issue in hospital management. This study improves the scheduling of shifts for nurses in health services organizations to provide lower cost and also to reduce the computational complexity and finally to realize the outcome of these actions on job satisfaction and quality of received services. A linear mathematical model is proposed and since this problem is NP-hard, Genetic Algorithm is provided for solving the problem and finally Implemented in Imam Khomeini hospital of Noor city as a real sample. Computational results and performance of the proposed algorithm in terms of solution quality and computational time were analyzed. Accreditation standards for hospitals as well as the Productivity laws are used in the proposed model. Production of timetables by the proposed model, resulting in improved satisfaction levels of nurses and their job performance.



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