Document Type : Research Paper


1 Logistics Group, Organizational faculty, Amin Police university, Tehran, Iran.

2 associate professor, Prevention group, Entezami faculty, Amin police university, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Industrial Management, Management and Accounting Faculty, Allame Tabataba’i University


The nature of polic activities and specially prevention police needs applying modern and practical tools and approaches to making good and productive performance that can have an effective role in this area. Two concept of agility and resilience can be the effective elements of promoting operstional power of logistics and supply chain and they are modern approaches which have developed in a short time I the theorical and practical areas of industries, production and services organizations. So, the current research aims to present a model for agile and resilience logistics and consider its effect on logistical performance of prevention police. Applying theorical principles and literature review, minor and fundamental ellemnts of both concepts gathered and because the aim is presenting an integrated model, emphasized on joint elements of both concepts with maintaining unique functions of each. So, joint elments determined and categorized in organization and management, agile capabilities and resilience capabilities and finally prime presented conceptual model has created.
The considered research population in the phase of interview is expert managers and commanders of prevention police in Naja and great Tehran polic commanding who are related to operational managing and commanding in the area of prevention police, expert university professors in logistics of police prevention and expert managers of great Tehran police commanding logistics department in which they hace at least BA degree and 15 years old experiment in prime managing of policing and logistics. They are selected by adjustive purposive sampling method.