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In this research, we use Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm to
solve cell to switch assignment problem (CTSAP) that is NP-hard. In
CTSAP, there are cells and switches in which cells locations are
predetermined. The objective of problem is optimal assigning of cells
to switches with minimum cost. Here, we have two kinds of costs,
handoff and cabling costs. Call handling capacity for every switches
are given and equal. The model of our work is single homed that is
each cell must connect to only one switch. The mathematical model is
binary and nonlinear.
The program is coded by MATLAB 7.8.0 (R2009a). After estimating
parameters values of model, approving performance accuracy of code
and adjusting control parameters, the efficiency of algorithm by
determining experimental problems compared to Ant Colony
Optimization (ACO) that is one of the best for solving this problem.
Results show satisfactory performance of ABC algorithm


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