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Today, companies have accepted that the maintenance and repairs are profitable business elements and therefore, the role of maintenance and repairs has become more important in modern manufacturing systems.
Maintenance and repair play important roles in achieving organizational goals and improving the indicators of reliability, reducing the equipment downtime, products quality, increasing productivity, safety equipment and etc. In this regard, the maintenance and repairs and their strategies have the particular importance in the industry. As a result, the main purpose of this study is selecting and ranking the best repairs and maintenance strategies using a combination of confirmatory factor analysis methods (FA), AHP and TOPSIS in oil refinery of Ray. According to that many variables such as safety, cost, added value, etc. are affective in choosing a maintenance and repairs strategy, in the present study at first has been identified these variables by the aid of literature review and experts opinion and then has been addressed to select the best maintenance strategy by AHP and TOPSIS techniques and try to offer suggestions for improving refinery maintenance system.


سلیمی، م داد.، افشار نسفی، ندروز و وحدانی، ندنام.) 1939 (. مدل تصمیمگیرو سازشی نهر اسهاس روش
TOPSIS نراو مسایل نرنامهریزو چند هدفه ریر طی نا م یاس نزرگ و سا تار نل کی زاویهدار تحت
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نهددارو و تعمیرات در کار انسات ط ت لید پی سته نا رویکرد مدلهاو تصمیم گیرو و نرنامه-
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