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Organizational   structure   has  always  been  one  of  the  most  critical dilemma in the theory  of  organization.  There  has  been  tremendous research findings in this field.   Structure-contingency  models occupy a central position in the study of organization and as guides for organization design.  These  models  hold  that  the  structure  of  an  organization  is dependent  on its  context.  Research has   shown   that   variation   in organization  structure can  be explained  by variations  in such nontextual factors as technology  ( Woodward,   1959 ), environment  ( Lawrence & Lorsch , 1967) , size ( pugh etal,  1969).
In  this study literature pertaining to the  structural influence of technology, size, environment and  the  decision-maker  choice  is reviewed.   It has been shown that the structure -  contingency  models has neglected the decision-maker choice. We propose that an organization's structure  is the result of an interaction of the decision  maker's cognitive and motivational orientations, and the organization's context,   such as technology, size and environment. Our research finding has supported the previous research findings.