Document Type : Research Paper



QFD starts with the house of quality (HOQ) which is a planning matrix translating the customer needs into measurable product technical requirements (PTRs). As with any other tool the quantum of benefits obtained from the use of QFD is proportional to the effectiveness of its use. A robust analytic method should consider the interrelationships among customer needs and PTRs while determining the importance levels of PTRs in the HOQ. This research employs the analytic network process (ANP) to fulfill this requirement. Furthermore the proposed analytic procedure should take into account the multi objective nature of the problem and thus incorporate other goals such as resource limitation extendibility and manufacturability of software technical requirements (STRs). This research presents a zero one goal programming methodology that includes importance levels of STRs derived using the ANP human resource limitation extendibility level and manufacturability level goals to determine the STRs to be considered in designing the software. Finally with regard to the result of the implemented model it is proposed some solutions for the company to reach a better software design to enhance the customer satisfaction.