Document Type : Research Paper



Management is one of the basic foundations of administration in developed countries. Since suitable combination of available factors and resources coordination and relation between them and finally due attention to lots of real restrictions are vital to increasing efficiency and productivity. In recent years requirement to considering and analysis of relationships and interactions between different elements has resulted in inventing new methods. These methods and techniques have enabled managers to make effective decisions based on accurate information.
This paper surveys the extent to which managers of manufacturing industries are aware about MS techniques and exploits them in practice. For this aim we selected some of the most famous and applicable MS techniques. Then industrial managers view about these techniques and application of them was asked by the means of a questionnaire. In this questionnaire degree of applying and reasons for not applying these methods in important organizational decisions were also surveyed. Degree of awareness and applying these methods in different industries was recognized. Relationship between these two variables and other relevant elements was assessed in the next stage.
Finally degree of applying MS techniques in different managerial decisions and reasons for not applying them were ranked based on average ranks obtained from sample.