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Electronic  commerce  phenomenon  is a  necessity  for business  in the 21st century. For applying of this new technology, direct and indirect environmental   principals  which  are  essential  for  developing  of  export shell study, review and revise.
In  addition  merchants  and  other  stakeholders  which  are  involved  in business must be enough knowledgeable  in electron commerce. For achievement of above purposes,l)  principals and environmental obstacles  should be specified  and prioritized,  and then 2) the importance coefficients  should be determined and finally 3) a proper pattern for implementing of electronic commerce will be submitted.
In the attached article the steps which was shown above are completely performed.By    studying   the   relevant   factors    in   73   developed   and developing countries a proper pattern for applying of electronic  commerce has been considered  in Iran. In addition a number of suggestions  In commensurate  with research results has been proposed.