Document Type : Research Paper



This   research   paper   has   focused   on  the  deployment    of  Information Technology  (IT) in the health  sector.  The  main goal is to determine  the key factors  for  the  implementation   of  IT in a service  establishment   (i.e.  Imam Khomeini    Hospital    Emergency     Room).    In    this    regard,    Donabedian Methodology   is  used  for  the  ranking  of  the  factors   and  Eriksson-Penker Method  was  utilized  for  the  modeling  of  the  existing  as well  as  the  ideal processes.   For the purpose  of  integration  between  modeling  processes   and software  deployment,   a service-oriented   architecture   has been  applied.  For the  purpose   of  data   and   information    collection   to  answer   the  research questions,  questionnaires   were  distributed  and collected  and interviews  were performed.   Four basic questions  to be answered  are as follows:
1-  What  are the stumbling   blocks  for the conversion  of existing  processes (processes  which  are directly  or indirectly  affected  by IT) to the ideal  ones toward  the  implementation    of  IT?  (More  specifically   in  Imam  Khorneini Hospital Emergency  Room).
2-   What   are  the  solutions   for  removing   the  identified   problems   in  the current processes  of a sector  (say emergency  room)?
3-  How can IT affect  on the performance  of the emergency  room?
4-  How   are  the  outcome    indicators   for  the  deployment    of  IT   In the emergency  room classified  and utilized?
At   the  end,  for  the  purpose of  validation and  verification, the  proposed node I was  implemented. The  result  obtained   indicates   that  the  proposed nodel  is quite valid and proper.