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In spite of spending too much expenses for acquiring and importing technology in most of the developing countries. And even in most organizations. It can be observed that these technologies are not well absorbed and the technology does not act as the engine of development. One of the main reasons behind this is the inconsistency between the culture of society or organization and the intended technology.
 In order that technology plays its role appropriately and acts as the engine of development first on one hand the kind of technology should be analyzed and examined closely and then according to that technology the appropriate culture should be developed. On the other hand in acquiring and importing technology to the organization. First the culture of the organization should be analyzed and examined in order to make it congruent with the intended technology.
In this article an attempt was made to examine this kind of relation in Iran Khodro industrial group (sales  and after sales service organization).
In this paper first a brief literature survey on application of operations research in health care systems is presented. Then two problems the optimal allocation of ambulances and the scheduling of nursing personnel are discussed in details. Finally these two models will be applied on two real cases in Iranian health care system.