Document Type : Research Paper



Value engineering is a collection of the organized and creative arts and skills which are guided to analyze the function of the product or the system. They aim to realize these functions with the minimum costs. Khorassan Pooya Gostar Company is the largest contractor of the Iranian car manufactures has to make endeavors to provide the rubber parts of disparate types of cars along with Iran’s industry to make its products competitive. Considering the high manufacturing expenditures the wastage quantity the manufacturing period and the low quality of the products the working procedures of this company has been set on the management agenda to solve the aforementioned quandaries through implementation of the value engineering methodology.
This research is among the applied ones due to the objective type but considering the data gathering tools it is classified as descriptive researches. This research has been carried out based on the international American value engineering association during 3 chief stages by following the executive steps of each stage. The required information of the project and its objectives were done during the pre-study stage. The process components were identified during 6 steps in the next stage known as the value analysis. The function of each component was defined. Some proposals were proffered for each function. Having summarized and evaluated these suggestions the final scenario was proffered to be implemented. The results of implementing the proposals were registered and collated with the previous situation in the final stage namely the comprehensive study.
After the implementation of the research and the proposed scenario the results were summarized which evince the amelioration of the manufacturing section of the company in all the fields. It is noteworthy that these results demonstrate 2 percent cost reduction 14 percent waste quantity 5 percent manufacturing velocity and the 100 percent quality rating.