Document Type : Research Paper



University is an organization with specific mission that needs to be evaluated for optimal using of resources and achieving to goals. To improve the status quo, by performance assessment could recognized weakness and strength and minimized input of resources. Thus, university has to know efficiency of faculties and to study cause of its efficiency and inefficiency, then to improve and to conduct faculties of inefficiency by using suitable programming. DBA model is nonparametric frontier method for measuring of performance and technical efficiency of comparable sets in converting similar inputs to similar outputs. In this paper, according to importance of university, largest higher education center in country, efficiency of Shahid Beheshti University’s faculties is evaluated by DBA using CCR model in two cases and with weights for inputs and outputs based on goal programming (min deviation variable, min sum deviation variables, min max deviation and multi objective LP) in period of 1382-1386. DBA based on goal programming has more power for separating and presenting real weights from classic models (CCR). Finding of research presented law faculty was inefficient, and earth, science and management and account faculties were top faculties based on observed indices in this period.