Document Type : Research Paper



Progress towards supporting small and medium organizations, with regards to their effective role in the economy, can lead to positive results for economical-social area. To involve such organizations with (B2B) e-commerce will make the matter more significant. In this survey, the involvement of small and medium oil, gas and petrochemical companies with B2B e-commerce was studied by adopting a conceptual model on the technology acceptance model. Thus, three dimensions, information and communications infrastructures, specifications related to the industry and the capabilities of human power associated with two structures of perceived productivity and utilization case, with indices defined in the form of 3 main hypotheses and 6 minor hypotheses were tested. The results both confirmed all nine discussed hypotheses and indicated that there is the strongest relation between B2B e-commerce settlement and ICT infrastructures dimension. At the same time, investment in ICT infrastructures and equipment and supporting services were identified as the most significant indexes and sufficient human power and suitable price were recognized as the most insignificant indices to involve small and medium companies with B2B e-commerce.