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Nowadays the most important issues considered by the managers of industry is production planning and in this area, managers are faced with several goals that in many cases are in conflict with each other. Operations research techniques, with modeling, while the existing constraints consider, optimize organizational goals. Objectives of all these techniques are raising productivity in the organization. Mathematical model for this research that is made for production planning in Khavar-E-Miane Furniture Co is multiple Objective fractional programming. One of the difficulties in solving the multiple Objective fractional problems is computational problem that arise of variability, in the example Chames and Cooper and Gillmore and Gomory methods there. Hence this research was used fuzzy approach to solve multiple Objective fractional mathematical model of Khavar- E-Miane Furniture Company. Thereby also overcome the computational problems of variability in the previous methods, the relevant officials will be able to optimize their production systems. In this context the first phase, Pal's method was used that using fuzzy goal programming was solved the multiple Objective fractional mathematical model. More using Dutta fuzzy method was determined that the result using both methods is identical and membership functions are equal to =0.701 and //2 =1. It should be noted that other companies also changed slightly in the proposed mathematical model will be able to optimize the production planning.