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Supplier selection and quota allocation is an important decision in supply
chains. This decision can be considered as a complex multi-criteria group
decision making problem. This decision in many practical situations is very
difficult for vague and uncertain environment. This vagueness and uncertainty
can be handled by using fuzzy set theory. Therefore, this paper proposed a
fuzzy MCDM model to evaluate candidate suppliers and quota allocation. A
hybrid ANP-VIKOR method in fuzzy environment applied first with 16
criteria to evaluate suppliers. Then, a fuzzy multi-objective mathematical
model is used to quota allocation. Finally, the fuzzy model is solved by Tiwari
method. An illustration with a data set from a realistic situation is presented to
demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model.


آذر، عادل، موسوی، سید فاضل. ) 1050 (. طراحی مدل احتمالی و استوار یکپارچه سه مرحله ای
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لجستیک و زنجیره تامین،.
علیخانی، رضا، صادق عمل نیک، محسن. ) 1050 (. مدل یکپارچه چند هدفه رضایت بخش فازی
برای مساله انتخاب تامین کننده با اقلام چندگانه و تخصیص بهینه سفارش،ت حقیق در عملیات و
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