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Combined Soft System Methodology in Two Levels to Improve Employees’ Promotion System

Alireza Moumivand; Adel Azar; Abbas Toloie Eshlaghy

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 1-34


  Soft OR from pluralist paradigm has effective approaches to structure and improve problem situations with different stakeholders’ worldviews and conflict of interests. The approaches, structure and improve messy situations. In this study, we used Soft System Methodology (SSM) as a popular soft ...  Read More

Designing a Model for Examining Impact of Government Intervention on the Competition between Green and Non-green Agency Supply Chains

Mohammadtaghi Moharrami; Mohammad Kazem Sayadi; Meysam Rafei

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 35-71


  Nowadays, due to the pollution that businesses and various industries impose to the environment, the adoption of strategies and policies by governments to improve the environmental performance of the supply chain has received more attention. The green supply chain will have many benefits, such as saving ...  Read More

perfomance management
Average revenue efficiency and optimal scale sizes in stochastic data envelopment analysis: A case study of post offices

Leila Parhizkar Miyandehi; Alireza Amirteimoori; Sohrab Kordrostami; Mansour Soufi

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 73-110


  Estimating the revenue efficiency of entities being evaluated is crucial as it provides valuable information about organizations, assuming that the output prices are known. This research introduces a new definition of optimal scale size (OSS) based on maximizing the average revenue efficiency (ARE). ...  Read More

Systematic literature review on supplier segmentation (Models, approaches, techniques and future trends)

Hamidreza Fallah Lajimi; Sara Majidi

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 111-151


  Supplier segmentation is considered one of the key activities in supplier relationship management for companies with multiple suppliers, which can serve as a competitive advantage. Supplier segmentation has garnered significant attention from researchers in recent decades. The aim of this study is to ...  Read More

Designing a hybrid model for clustering warehouse items and allocating them to storage locations

Morteza Mohajer Bajgiran; Alireza Pooya; Zahra Naji Azimi; Somayeh fadaei

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 153-195


  Management and warehousing operations are essential parts of manufacturing and service organizations. Warehousing is a significant component of an organization's activities, which incurs high costs and deserves more attention from researchers in this field. The aim of this research is to investigate ...  Read More

Development of Multi-Objective Supply Chain Model with Stochastic Demand: An Optimization Approach Based on Simulation and Scenario Development

Shima Salehi; Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; Ghanbar Abbaspour esfeden; a alirezaee

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 197-249


  The integration of supply chain decisions aims to reduce costs and delivery time for customers. However, uncertainty in supply chain parameters, particularly demand, can disrupt this integration. The increased interest in probabilistic planning and simulation models in supply chain modeling is a response ...  Read More

Multi-objective optimization model for risk assessment in the supply chain of a closed close loop under uncertainty conditions in parameters: Using a Constrained Risk Value Approach (CVaR)

Meisam Jafari Eskandari; Hani Emami-Solot

Volume 20, Issue 66 , September 2022, Pages 251-298


  In this research, a model for a sustainable closed-loop supply chain with economic, social and environmental considerations, along with the risk arising from uncertainty in parameters, is presented. Stochastic programming has been used for modeling this problem and also using the scale of value Exposure ...  Read More