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Product pricing in two-echelon supply chain using game theory in intuitionistic fuzzy environment

Ameneh Khadivar; Adel Azar; Fatemeh Mojibian

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 1-25


  By applying fuzzy set theory in game theory, player’s strategies are determined by fuzzy variable with a definite membership function, where the degree of non-membership is stated by supplement of degree of membership, while determining the value of uncertain parameters of decisions may be associated ...  Read More

A robust optimization model for multi-site aggregate production planning of perishable products under conditions of uncertainty with postponement policy

Adel Aazami; Ahmad Makui

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 27-51


  In this paper, multi-site aggregate production planning for the production of perishable products such as gifts of New Year, calendars and maturities by postponement policy in uncertainty conditions is determined. The production process for these products is proposed to be divided into two phases including ...  Read More

No-wait hybrid flowshop scheduling: models and solotion algorithms

Bahman Naderi

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 53-77


  In this paper hybrid flowshop scheduling problem where some jobs, not all, have to follow no-wait restriction (that is, the operations of that job must be processed with no stop) is examined. In the literature, all papers assume that all jobs of the shops have to follow no-wait restrictions. First, this ...  Read More

Fuzzy multi-objective preventive maintenance and replacement scheduling using integer non-linear programming

Reza Alikhani; Mahmoud Saremi

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 79-108


  The scheduling of preventive maintenance and replacement is one of the crucial issues in the literature of system reliability and maintenance engineering. The importance of this issue is more evident in series system in which by stopping a component the whole system will stop. However, the quest of the ...  Read More

Clustering of Online Stores from Supplier's point of view: Using Clusters Number Optimization in Two-Level SOM

Mohammad Ali Faezi-Rad; Alireza Pooya

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 109-134


  By developing information technology and emerging online markets,Planning for these markets and analyzing their details has been became a priority for beneficiary organizations. One of most important online markets in Iran is SIM card credit services that are considered as online stores. Regarding to ...  Read More

Integrated Approach of Process Scheduling and Planning Based on Combining Fuzzy Knowledge Base and Meta Heuristic Method

Darush Mohamadi Zanjirani; Majid Esmailian; Saeedeh Jokar

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 135-161


  Process planning involves determining the most suitable and efficient manufacturing (assembly) processes and their sequence in order to produce a product (part). These processes should be compatible with required attributes in product design documentation. Process planning and scheduling optimization ...  Read More

A Fuzzy Decision Support System for Selection the Most Appropriate Layout for Lean Production Flow

Keyvan Shahgholian; Meysam AlizadehSiyahkal

Volume 14, Issue 43 , January 2017, Pages 163-188


  One of the important issues to reducing waste and therefore increasing productivity in manufacturing enterprises is good production layout. Organizations can make production flow layouts productive by following up lean thinking model, thereby producing final products with minimal waste. This paper aims ...  Read More