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The Effect of Open Innovation on Competitive Advantage Considering the Mediation Role of Knowledge Management

Habib Rudsaz; mir ali seyed naghavi; Faezeh Abdoli Masinan

Volume 18, Issue 59 , January 2021, , Pages 117-150


  The present research is entitled” The Effect of open innovation on competitive advantage Considering the Mediation Role of knowledge management” and is done in Sadad informatics corps of Tehran city in the year of 2016. The aim of this study is to study the Effect of open innovation on competitive ...  Read More

Determining the Value of Organizational Social Network: Knowledge Management Perspective
Volume 17, Issue 54 , October 2019, , Pages 31-65


  This article benefits from the perspective of knowledge management on the organization social networks. This study was an attempt to investigate how employees benefit from organizational social networks in order to create value and expand the knowledge management. It also considers different usage of ...  Read More

Effective factors of successful implementation of knowledge management systems

Naghmeh alvandi; Rahmat Mirzaei; Mohammad jafar tarokh

Volume 11, Issue 30 , October 2014, , Pages 98-128

  In this study, first by study different sources, effective factors of successfulimplementation of knowledge management systems have been identified.Then, by means of statistical analysis and SPSS software status ofeach factor in the Tamin Company was evaluated in order to determineis the company ready ...  Read More

Developing a Comprehensive Model of Measurement for Intellectual Capital: Case Study of a Profit Organization

Peyman Akhavan; Mir Ali Seyed Naghavi; Morteza Soltani Noh; Taleb Asadi Karam

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, , Pages 115-142

  This paper reviews intellectual capital literature, develops a holistic model and inspects a case study of holistic model implementation. Reviewing the literature, 34 models of managing intellectual capital have been identified. Extracting different concentration areas of each model, we set up a comparison ...  Read More

A Performance Measurement Framework for Knowledge Management Systems

Yaser Samimi; Abdollah Aghaie

Volume 3, Issue 10 , September 2005, , Pages 1-23

  In order to evaluate and estimate the success of knowledge management systems it is necessary to define performance measurement indices. Considering this importance area a research has been done to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge management systems. In addition the issue of how ...  Read More