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A Goal Programming Approach for Development of Common Weights in Network DEA

Davood Gharakhani; Abbas Toloie Eshlaghy; Kiamars Fathi Hafshejani; Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi; Reza Kiani Mavi

Volume 17, Issue 53 , July 2019, , Pages 295-319


  Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a powerful analytical technique for measuring the relative efficiency for a set of Decision Making Units (DMUs) based on their inputs and outputs. There are weaknesses in conventional models DEA. Most important of which is the weight shift input and output which makes ...  Read More

Location Planning for Post Offices and Routing for Postal Parcels in Tehran

Mohammad Hossein Tahmasebi; Kaveh Khalili Damghani; Vahidreza Ghezavati

Volume 16, Issue 48 , April 2018, , Pages 55-72


  One of the most important problems facing distribution companies is to find the best locations for depots and also proper routes for transportation vehicles in order to optimize their supply network. This study aims to examine the problem of location-routing for post offices in Tehran. To achieve this, ...  Read More

Supply Chain Flexibility Mathematical Modeling using Goal Programming

Ahmad Jafarnejad; Mehrdad Yasaei

Volume 12, Issue 33 , July 2015, , Pages 75-96

  Due to the changes in production and market conditions, companies are facing many pressures. One of the ways of confronting with these pressures is the concept of supply chain and increasing its flexibility to satisfy different needs of customers. Despite the importance of supply chain flexibility, lack ...  Read More

Providing a proper model for the implementation of maintenance systemin thecontinuous production linesconcidering decision making models and fuzzy goal programming

Ali Rabbani; Habib Zare; Foroogh Behnia

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, , Pages 85-100

  the requirements for maintenance management have change drastically from the old concept of ‘fix-it-when-broken’ to a more complex approach, which entails adopting a maintenance strategy for a more integrated approach and alignment. This paper presents a Goal Programming (GP) approach to ...  Read More

Presentation the Data Envelopment Analysis/Goal Programming Integrated Model for Improves Decision making Unit’s Efficiency Measurement (Case study: the Bank Branches)

Mohamad Hosein Tahari Mehrjardi; Dariush Farid; Hamid Babaei Meybodi

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, , Pages 21-37

  Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) has been a very popular method for measuring and benchmarking relative efficiency of peer Decision Making Units (DMUs) with multiple input and outputs. However, some problems have also appeared as the applications of DEA advance. One of inter-related problems that has ...  Read More

Efficiency Evaluation Faculties of Shahid Beheshti University using Composed Approach of DEA and Goal Programming Model

Akbar Alam Tabriz; Razieh Faraji; Hesam Saiedy

Volume 8, Issue 19 , December 2010, , Pages 1-22

  University is an organization with specific mission that needs to be evaluated for optimal using of resources and achieving to goals. To improve the status quo, by performance assessment could recognized weakness and strength and minimized input of resources. Thus, university has to know efficiency of ...  Read More

A Multi-Criteria Decision Model for the Implementation of Business Process Re-engineering

Mohammad T. Taghavifard; Majid Gheitasi; Farzad Soltani

Volume 3, Issue 11 , December 2005, , Pages 85-113

  This   research   paper   presents   a   methodology   to   assist enterprise decision-makers CDMs) to select from a numbers of processes during the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) according to organizational objectives. For  this ...  Read More