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modeling and simulation
Developing a Balanced Scorecard Model for LARG Supply Chain Evaluation: A Dynamic Approach

Mohammad Reza Atefi; Reza Radfar; Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh

Volume 20, Issue 64 , January 2022, , Pages 63-93


  Purpose – Organization managers tend to use an optimal and precise method to evaluate the performance of their organization by understanding the organization dynamics. The immediate research goal was to propose a dynamic model for the performance evaluation of a LARG supply chain with the balanced ...  Read More

Portfolio Optimization by Stochastic Dominance Method in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Moslem Peymany Foroushany; Amir Hossein Erza; maryam hamidizadeh; Mahdi Asgharzadeh

Volume 17, Issue 55 , January 2020, , Pages 185-210


  The formation of the optimum portfolio based on risk and return is one of the most important decisions of investors in financial markets, for which there are various methods. Markowitz’s Mean-Variance method was the first method introduced in this area; but because of the normality assumption for ...  Read More

The Identification of Strategic key Indicators using a Linear Programming in State Commercial Company in Kerman

Nasser Shahsavari-Pour; Hosein Kazemi; Morteza Hoseinzadeh; Daryoosh Maheri; shahla heydarbeigi

Volume 17, Issue 54 , October 2019, , Pages 327-371


  Nowadays, one of the basic problems of organizations, in establishing the system of performance evaluation, is to identify the key indicators. In recent years, among the valuation models and performance, it has been more attention to the balanced scorecard; but many of the balanced assessment projects ...  Read More

Performance Evaluation of Supply Chains of Polyethylene Pipes Using Fuzzy Network Data Envelopment Analysis

Saber Shiripour; Ameneh Adib

Volume 17, Issue 53 , July 2019, , Pages 247-294


  Supply chain is a network consists of several parts and their inter-relationships. To achieve continuous improvement in supply chain, it is necessary to continually evaluate supply chain performance. One of the important points in evaluating the performance, identify weaknesses subunits, considering ...  Read More

A Combined Method Of Data Envelopment Analysis and SERVQUAL Model in Ranking of Service Quality

Alireza Alinezhad

Volume 16, Issue 48 , April 2018, , Pages 153-181


  In the last decade, despite the extra importance of service and its increasing development in global and national economies, it has received less attention in comparison with manufacturing industries. The evaluation of performance in service organizations has always been one of the main challenges in ...  Read More

Hybrid Approach of DEA and Game Theory in Order to Rank the Effectiveness of BSC Indicators in Efficiency Evaluation of Organization (The Case: Media Industry)

Alireza Alinezhad; seyed reza Zamani

Volume 14, Issue 41 , July 2016, , Pages 189-215


  Data Envelopment Analysis and Balanced Scorecard, are two common tools that have been used by many researchers for performance evaluation. But none of them investigate effectiveness of BSC indicators in efficiency evaluation. Due to complexity of mission and evaluation criteria for operating organizations ...  Read More