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Identification and Ranking the Risks of Green Building Projects Using the Hybrid SWARA-COPRAS Approach: (The Case: Amol County)

Masoud Fazli; Ahmad GafarZadeh Afshari; Mostafa Hajiaghaei-Keshteli

Volume 18, Issue 58 , October 2020, , Pages 139-192


  Green building has attracted widespread attention in recent years. Increasing building projects in Iran has had significant environmental impacts and green building implementation is an appropriate approach to reduce the environmental risks. Green building projects facing with risks unwittingly which, ...  Read More

A model to Prioritizing Organizational Information security risks using by Fuzzy AHP and Bayesian Networks in the banking industry

Reza Yousefi Zenouz; Akbar Hassanpoor; Parisa Mousavi

Volume 13, Issue 37 , July 2015, , Pages 161-185

  Risk is inherent and inseparable part of life and business. Always uncertainty condition arising from incomplete information and data or ungovernable variables, associated with opportunities and threats.Nowadays many organizations and companies have relied heavily on information systems and information ...  Read More

A New Proposed Method to Estimate Earned Value Using Fuzzy Logic

Heirsh Soltanpanah; Hiwa Farughi; Rohoullah Abdi

Volume 10, Issue 26 , January 2012, , Pages 147-164

  Project cost estimation and actual time is one of the serious concernsof project managers. Earned Value Management is considered as atechnique for answering two following questions: how long does ittake to complete a project? How much does the project cost? ProjectPerformance Evaluation can only be predicated ...  Read More

Employing Multi Attributes Decision Making Techniques for Rating the Supply Chain Risk Factors (Case Study: the field of information technology in small and medium enterprises)

Haidar Mirfakhroddini; Davood Andalib Ardakani; Morteza Rezaei Asl

Volume 8, Issue 21 , June 2011, , Pages 107-130

  Supply chain is a network of independent organizations that cooperate with each other, in order to control, manage and improve material and information flow from suppliers to final consumers to meet customer satisfaction. In Industry, especially industries that are moving towards the longer supply chain, ...  Read More

Evaluating IT Projects Outsourcing Risks in Iran Water Power and Resources Development Company (Ab-Niru)

Fattah Mikaeelei; Hossein Sedaghati

Volume 4, Issue 13 , June 2006, , Pages 19-40

  This research is done in order to evaluate and manage IT/IS outsourcing risks. Awareness about outsourcing, as a supportive source of organization strategies, is increasing and it is not only seen as a factor to reduce organization costs anymore. For this reason, organizations inclination to use IT Outsourcing, ...  Read More