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Project cost estimation and actual time is one of the serious concerns
of project managers. Earned Value Management is considered as a
technique for answering two following questions: how long does it
take to complete a project? How much does the project cost? Project
Performance Evaluation can only be predicated based on previous
data and knowledge in the present dealings of earned value and its
future conditions and prospects would not be categorically realized.
Although there are many proposed methods to solve these boundaries,
there is not a method encompassing all uncertainties and future
conditions. This paper aims at introducing a new method using time
limits, costs and project performance in fuzzy logic to determine the
earned value indexes. Risk factors are added to the Fuzzy logics in
order to obtaining the precise estimation in predicting the final
outcomes of the project. This paper provides a brief introduction
regarding the current methods followed by investigation on Fuzzy
methodology and risk factors. Finally, the offered model is proposed,
defined and supported by means of an example


0. ابوالحسنی مهدی، بکارگیری روش زمان بندی کسب شده در مدیریت ارزش کسب شده،
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0. شاکری اقبال، تحویلیان علی، جلایی فرزاد، ارائه یک متدولوژی جهت انتخاب بهترین
شاخص پیش بینی نتایج پایانی پروژه ها در سیستم ارزش کسب شده، پنجمین کنفرانس بین
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0. عبدی روح الله، حسینعلی حیدری، ارائه مدلی برای تخصیص اولویت به فعالیت های پروژه،
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