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Scheduling Shifts of Nurses with Considering Job Satisfaction (The Case: Imam Khomeini Hospital in Noor City)

Somayeh Kavianpour; Gavad Rezaeian

Volume 18, Issue 59 , January 2021, , Pages 181-218


  Appropriate scheduling of shifts for nurses, is a critical issue in hospital management. This study improves the scheduling of shifts for nurses in health services organizations to provide lower cost and also to reduce the computational complexity and finally to realize the outcome of these actions on ...  Read More

Studying the determinants of productivity in Iranian Manufacturing Industries

Mohammad Gholi Yousefi; Asghar Mobarak

Volume 9, Issue 24 , March 2012, , Pages 23-43

  The purpose of this paper has been to study the main determinants of productivity in manufacturing industries of Iran. The main emphasize has been on the role of institutions .We have used productivity in two digit manufacturing industries based on ISIC classification as dependent variable ,and expenditures ...  Read More

Fractional Mathematical modeling for production planning - with fuzzy approach (Case study: Khavar-E-Miane Furniture Co)

Adel Azar; Davood Andalib Ardakani; Haidar Mirfakhroddini

Volume 9, Issue 22 , September 2011, , Pages 23-48

  Nowadays the most important issues considered by the managers of industry is production planning and in this area, managers are faced with several goals that in many cases are in conflict with each other. Operations research techniques, with modeling, while the existing constraints consider, optimize ...  Read More

Performance Appraisal & Analysis of Industrial Productivity of Iran, during 1359-1379

M.R. Mehregan; M. Rahmani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2003, , Pages 1-30

  The paper investigates excesses and deficits in Iranian industrial productivity for the years by combining data envelopment analysis with other management science approaches such as analytical hierarchy process. The application also identifies factors that affect the productivity of Iranian industry ...  Read More