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modeling and simulation
Centralized DEA approach to assess efficiency scores of bank branches with foreign exchange transactions

Fereshteh Koushki

Volume 21, Issue 69 , September 2023, , Pages 235-270


  It is inevitable for a manager to consider the performance effects of each component of a multi-stage financial equity capital. These components serve as inputs in the first stage to raise investments. The investments, as outputs of the first stage, become inputs for the second stage and are used in ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Presentation of the Model of Measuring the Maturity Level of Business ‎Intelligence in Electronic Business‏ ‏‎(Case Study: Internet Service Provider Companies)

mahboobeh golestanizadeh; Akbar Eetebarian; amirreza naghsh; reza ebrahim zadeh

Volume 21, Issue 68 , May 2023, , Pages 241-287


  This study aims to design a model for measuring the level of maturity of business intelligence in electronic businesses, specifically for Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies. The study adopts a qualitative approach based on the phenomenological approach. A total of 10 specialists, experts, and ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Developing a Balanced Scorecard Model for LARG Supply Chain Evaluation: A Dynamic Approach

Mohammad Reza Atefi; Reza Radfar; Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh

Volume 20, Issue 64 , January 2022, , Pages 63-93


  Purpose – Organization managers tend to use an optimal and precise method to evaluate the performance of their organization by understanding the organization dynamics. The immediate research goal was to propose a dynamic model for the performance evaluation of a LARG supply chain with the balanced ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Modeling the Market Analysis Process through the SD-DES Hybrid Simulation Approach (Case Study: Mobile Market of Iran)

Mohsen JavidMoayed; عباس Toloei Eshlaghy; Mohammad Ali Afshar kazemi

Volume 19, Issue 62 , September 2021, , Pages 23-66


  Nowadays, more successful businesses are those that keep their customers satisfied and in addition to the macro level of their policies, also pay serious attention to the micro level and details of the market. In this article, in order to study the influential factors in the mobile phone market, the ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Agent-Based Simulation Consumer Behavior in Impulse Buying

Salman Abbasi Siar; Mohammad Ali Keramati; MohammadReza Motadel

Volume 19, Issue 62 , September 2021, , Pages 99-138


  Because of the dissemination of impulse buying behavior in consumers its academic studies have increased over the last decade. Because in large stores, sales have to be increased, the behavior of consumers in impulse buying to be taken into account by the researchers and managers of the stores. The purpose ...  Read More

modeling and simulation
Hybrid of System Dynamics- Agent Based Analysis of Mobile Operators Revenue The Case: Digital Service Entry of MCCI Company

Navid Nadimi; Abbas Toloei Eshlaghy; Mohammad Ali Afshar kazemi

Volume 19, Issue 60 , April 2021, , Pages 51-84


  With the tremendous progress in communications in the world, the transformation andbehavior of mobile operators and their digitalization, which in the past were onlyservice providers, as well as the creation of different experiences for customers, isinevitable.The purpose of this study is to create a ...  Read More