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In this paper, based on the background of cost-oriented assembly line balancing problems, a novel mathematical model for scheduling and balancing the assembly line is offered that with the combination of task sequence-dependent setup time, parallel stations and resource constraint, minimizes the operational and investment costs of assembly system.
Due to the complexity of the problem, the equations have been proposed to reduce the number of variables of the model, and to achieve the optimal solution in reasonable time using exact algorithms. To clarify and explain the features of the model a numerical example have been used. Also the solutions obtained from model in several examples, have been analyzed using different indexes, and results indicative of appropriate performance of the model


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منظور بالانس خط مونتاژ دو طرفه با تابع هدف هزینه گرا"، هفتمین کنفرانس بین المللی
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ارائة یک مدل ریاضی برای زمان بندی و... 42
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