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One of the important issues in project management is project portfolio selection. Issue of project selection and related activities is one of the important activities in most of organizations, especially contract companies and developing project centered companies. Issue of project choosing is a periodical activity for choosing suitable portfolio from suggested projects or organizational in process projects which enforce organizational goals in a desirable manner , without spending additional sources or / and neglecting other limitations. . In project portfolio selection, the most important issue which bring up is that this portfolio should conclude which projects. As much as project portfolio selection be more advisable, fulfilment of organization duties would be more probable. In choosing this combination, distinguishing opportunities, assessing amount of project cooperation with goals and organization structure and expenses, profit analysis and project risks has a great importance.
In this research has been used from qualitative and quantitative assimilated approach for project portfolio selection. In a way that at first we use DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) method to selection criteria and then with use Data Envelopment Analysis and criteria that selected in previous stage, calculate the efficiency for each project and rank all of them


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