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Analysing Iranian Industry Behavior By Using dynamic Systems Modeling

ali mohaghar; yunes Jabbarzadeh; hannan amoozad mahdiraji; nima mokhtarzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 1-19

  The Customs Tariff is based on the World Customs Organization's (WCO) Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) and its impact of industry competitiveness is known for everyone. In this paper, by considering IRAN I.R. industries,the impact of change in custom tariff on domestic industries ...  Read More

Evaluating the sustainability of mining industry by using balance scorecard-AHP approach

akdar alam tabriz; amirsalar mohammadi; mir saman pishvaee

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 21-40

  Economic Development of countries caused damages in environment and society. This issue created three dimensional concept for development, based on economy, society and environment that named as a sustainable development. Mining industry is one of the industries that always faced with challenges of sustainable ...  Read More

A Hybrid Method for Project Selection by Using DEMATEL/DEA

alireza alinezhad; kavoos simiari

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 41-60

  One of the important issues in project management is project portfolio selection. Issue of project selection and related activities is one of the important activities in most of organizations, especially contract companies and developing project centered companies. Issue of project choosing is a periodical ...  Read More

Competitiveness and Selecting a Competitive Strategy Based on Porter's Competitive Forces Model, Fuzzy AHP and DEA Seddigheh Khorshid

seddigheh khorshid; samad nojavan

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 61-97

  Competitiveness is core of businesses in market economics. It means the ability and performance of a firm, sub-sector or a country to sell and supply goods and/or service in a given market. Porter's competitiveness forces model is one of the most well-known framework for analyzing the competitiveness ...  Read More

Economic Efficiency of Iran’ Automobile Industry A Panel Data Approach

seyed abdollah razavi; mohammad Javad razmi; mostafa salimi far; ali akbar naji

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 99-118

  This paper uses a panel data stochastic production frontier model to measure economic efficiency of car production industry in Iran. We estimated both time-variant and time-invariant efficiency random effect models. The result shows that economic efficiency in this industry varies overtime between 96.4 ...  Read More

Structural Changes in Manufacturing and its Impact on Employment generation in Iran

mohammad gholi yousefi; hamid amadeh; tahere karimi dastenaei

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 119-136

  In this Paper we have used various indices to describe the characteristics of Iran Manufacturing Industries during 1995-2009.We have also estimated empirically the Impact of structural changes on employment generation. The result show that structural changes in output and employment of Iran Manufacturing ...  Read More

Model of Measuring Technical Service Quality Delivered to Petrochemical Downstream Industries In Sales Engineering

ali seyyed naghavi; mohammad mahdi bahrololoum

Volume 11, Issue 28 , April 2013, Pages 137-158

  One of the effective key factors in differentiating and outrunning competitors is the continuous delivery of superior quality to the customers. The secret of success is meeting or getting ahead of customer’s expectations in relation to service quality. By considering the fact that service quality ...  Read More