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One of the effective key factors in differentiating and outrunning competitors is the continuous delivery of superior quality to the customers. The secret of success is meeting or getting ahead of customer’s expectations in relation to service quality. By considering the fact that service quality plays an important role in the success of today’s organizations, this article pursues the purpose of investigating the dimensions that have effect on technical services quality of petrochemical commercial company’s sale engineering department, determining the most important service quality dimensions, measuring the gaps existing in the service delivery system and finally promoting and improving the current status of the system. We used the Servqual Model to assess the quality of the services. In this study we tried to customize the model to adapt the specific conditions of the organization, so the Tangibles dimension of the standard model was replaced with service variety and confirmatory factor analysis approach was used to examine the theoretical model of the study. The modified model was analyzed by Lisrel and its validity was confirmed from a statistical point of view. The results of data analysis by SPSS showed that the sale engineering department’s service delivery system was encountered with problems and so the existence of service gaps was proved. Finally practical solutions were provided to promote the service quality and improve the current status of the system


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