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Considering the increasing demand for operational activities in ports, ports managers are facing the challenge of optimal usage of port facilities and equipment. (In the last two decades, maritime transportation systems have been experienced an increasing development. Now the rate of development in this section has been reached 8 percent per year. Nowadays, the port managers are faced with the challenge of optimal use of equipment and facilities). One of these challenges is to reduce the waiting times of ships at the that in this study, placing the buffer area for loading and unloading cereals has been investigated using a simulation optimization model based on queuing theory at SHAHID RAJAEE port. Three important criteria of the port performance have been considered including the ship turn-around time, number of loaded ships and loading norm. The results indicate that optimization of cereal transportation between the buffer area and the port can increase the capacity of transportation and loading- unloading capacity up to (The results show that the proposed model can increase the capacity of loading and unloading of the system up to %15.5
between the port and buffer area.)


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