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Identifying Performance Dimensions of Industrial Clusters Using Consensus Cluster Analysis

Seyed hadi Mirghaderi; Akbar Alam Tabriz; Hassan Farsigani,; Farhad Farzad

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 1-25

  Industrial clusters are one of the new approaches in industrial development of developing countries which has recently attracted the attention of many researchers and policy makers.Clustering has positive economic effects on the region and also increase the competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises ...  Read More

Modeling a bi-objective newsboy problem with compound discount condition, considering Warehouse space and budget constraints and solving it by different approaches of MODM problems

Marziyeh Karimi,; Seyed hamidreza Pasandideh

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 23-40

  The newsboy problem is considered as a single period problem which is very common in our real life. This paper study the newsboy problem considering the discount constraint including quantity and incremental and also warehouse space and budget constraint with two objectives of profit and service level ...  Read More

Presenting a Fuzzy Expert System to Determine Project Completion Time in PERT Network

Abolfazl Kazemi; Pasha Pasha Fakhori; Ali Shakourloo,

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 41-69

  Accurate scheduling of project is one of the main fundamentals and essential success factors of the project management and also accordance of planning and implementation is considered as the main subject of project management. In this paper, it is tried to propose a practical and suitable system in order ...  Read More

A model to define and determine the production process parameters of polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) using combined approach of Response Surface Methodology, Artificial Neural Network and Meta heuristic

Reza Abasi; Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani; Maghsoud Amiri

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 79-98

  There are several different factors in industrial processes, which may have an impact on final product specifications. In this paper, the nonlinear multi-objective mathematical modeling for the 5 qualitative characteristics of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as one of the most widely used products in ...  Read More

A new robust model for inventory- locating of single-Periodical supply chain with three-echelon for small and medium business enterprises with uncertain demand

Nafiseh Aghabozorgi; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi; Mahdi Alinaghian

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 99-132

  Today, field of production and service is faced with competition among the supply chains by changing the competition pattern of the independent companies. Most of the small and medium businesses (SMEs) still use traditional viewpoint for supply, production and distribution planning. It means, each of ...  Read More

Optimization of Cereal Transportation System at Shahid Rajaee Container Port based on a simulation optimization model

Parham Azimi,; Mohammad Reza ghanbari,*

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 133-161

  Considering the increasing demand for operational activities in ports, ports managers are facing the challenge of optimal usage of port facilities and equipment. (In the last two decades, maritime transportation systems have been experienced an increasing development. Now the rate of development in this ...  Read More

Integrating the production scheduling and delivery problems by vehicle routing approach with heterogeneous flee

Mohammad bagher fakhrzad,; Zohre Noormogamadzade

Volume 13, Issue 38 , October 2015, Pages 163-182

  This paper considers production scheduling and delivery problem together and is trying to integrate both of them. Retailers order includes different types of products that have been processed at a distribution center. After completing the order process at the distribution center, products are delivered ...  Read More