Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.A-economic and social systems engineering- economic sciences university-tehran

2 associate professor and faculty member-management industrial college of Iran University of Science and Technology


Subjectto prioritizeresearch projectsdue toresource constraints, the most important financial resources,manpower andequipmentis essential. To this purpose,the Officeof Education, Research and Technologyof Water ResourcesWith theimplementationof thisresearch is asignificant stepin coordinatingresearch projectsinthe organizationhas taken.Thispaperissuitable forthe evaluationofresearch projects, the company is identifiedInthisreview of10researchprojects inthewater supplycompanyforconfidentiality andnon-licensed companyhasrefrainedfrom expressingresearchtopicsselectedbyAfter specifyingthe desiredcriteriadecision makingmethodAHPgroupprojectsarerankedTheratingdecisionisareferenceto estimate theutility functionand obtainthereferenceset ofdecisionsis no longer possiblewith anymethod,Themethodforthe estimation ofthe value functionisUTASTAR. The ultimate goalof thisarticle isprovidedsubjecttotheprioritization ofresearch projectsinthe company.With the use of this value subject to the office of education, research and technology resources company research projects can water the water resources of the other company or project that company in the future with them will assess and ranking.Undoubtedly this attitude and in the framework of the general value subject to the opportunity for Investment Promotion policy in the field of credits for priority research project .


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