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Analyzing barriers to the implementation of Improvement Programs in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Case Study: Yazd Selected Industrial Parks

Seid Heydar Mirfakhraddini; Seid Ali Mohammad Banifateme

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 1-17

  production in most countries. Based on uncertain changes in the world, such industries should choose the most appropriate improvement programs for confirmation with such conditions. Because there are a lot of barriers to implementation of these programs, the purpose of this research is identifying and ...  Read More

Offerthevalue function(utility) to prioritizeresearch projectsinR & D centersusing theUTA method(Case of Water Resources companyin Iran)

Fatemeh salati; Ahmadi makoui

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 19-33

  Subjectto prioritizeresearch projectsdue toresource constraints, the most important financial resources,manpower andequipmentis essential. To this purpose,the Officeof Education, Research and Technologyof Water ResourcesWith theimplementationof thisresearch is asignificant stepin coordinatingresearch ...  Read More

An interactive fuzzy approach for solving multi product, multi period production planning problem

Seyed Hossein Razavi Hajiagha; Hadi Akrami; Shide Sadat Hashemi

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 35-53

    Master production scheduling is a midterm phase in planning which translates the long term aggregate production planning to a plan which determines the scheduling and magnitude of different products production. This problem requires investigating a wide range of parameters about demand, manufacturing ...  Read More

Scheduling trucks transportation in supply chain regarding cross docking using meta-heuristic algorithms

Ali Mohtashami; Ali Fallahian-Najafabadi

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 55-84

  In today’s competitive world, the organizations decide to establish competitive benefits by making benefit from management sciences. One of the most important management sciences arisen lots of so useful matters is the supply chain. The supply chain management is the evolved result of warehousing ...  Read More

Providing a proper model for the implementation of maintenance systemin thecontinuous production linesconcidering decision making models and fuzzy goal programming

Ali Rabbani; Habib Zare; Foroogh Behnia

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 85-100

  the requirements for maintenance management have change drastically from the old concept of ‘fix-it-when-broken’ to a more complex approach, which entails adopting a maintenance strategy for a more integrated approach and alignment. This paper presents a Goal Programming (GP) approach to ...  Read More

Identification of factors influencing on organizational innovation based on open innovation paradigm: case study, publication industry


Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 101-125

  Identification of factors influencing on organizational innovation based on open innovation paradigm in publication industry was the main purpose of this study and open innovation approach was the main focus of this study. Mix method of Research was run and statistical publication in qualitative section ...  Read More

Key Success Factors of Suggestions System in Public Organizations of Iran: (Industrial & Non-Industrial Organizations)

Behrooz Rezaei Manesh; Jafar Ahangaran

Volume 11, Issue 31 , January 2014, Pages 150-127

   Iranian managers in public organizations are generally motivated to introduce suggestion schemes in their organizations, which is also supported by laws and regulations. However our knowledge of key success factors is limited in terms of quality and quantity of previous research efforts. To fill ...  Read More