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This study analyzes the factors affecting on creating a leaming organization  based  on  Peter  Senge's  model.  He  introduces  these factors in his book named fifth discipline: leadership, thinking space, localization, balance between family and work, time management and experiencing. There are commonly two basic patterns for creating a learning   organization   in   academic   studies:   American   pattern introduced by Peter Senge and European pattern written by several famous authors  and theorists.  Other scientists and theorists  follow these two patterns. A study with this subject has not been carried in our   country.   By   identifying   the   factors   effecting  on   learning organization we can prepare to create this kind of organization as a new approach for organization's and human resource's development. Results showed that mentioned factors affect on creating a learning organization. So we can prepare for creating a learning organization by using designer, teacher and steward leaders, create thinking space, learning from case experiences, personal and organizational effort to create  balance    between  family  and  work,  creating  learning  and thinking opportunity and  delegating decision making to  employees and supervisors.