Document Type : Research Paper



This article explains the relationship between business process reengineering and learning organizations. As business process reengineering and learning organizations both are techniques to support changing in organizations, this research offers a model which develops an optimized combination of the two methods and also concentrates to both their original purpose.
In following, the main aim of doing this research is described and also claimed the main hypothesis of the research that business process reengineering and learning organizations can have a synergic relationship.
In the research descriptive methodology has been used and its statistical society is generally software industry in Iran and specifically four software company which work on developing , supporting and training of software in Tehran. The designed questionnaire was distributed between top executives, vice presidents, project managers, middle managers, process experts and trainers of the companies and totally gathered 135 of them.
The results of this research suggest that the Organization's movement regarding to business processing engineering or learning organization, helps the organization to accept changes from the other path and affects the success of the other approach.
This research stops dedicated view point of users, who are looking for major changes' in their organization, towards the current approach.