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The mechanisms of Aligning Personal and Organizational goals in Practical and operational way

Shamsollah Jafarinia; Mehdi Kheirandish; Reza Najari

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 1-27

  This article deals with the alignment of personal and organizational goals in practical and operational way. The main research question includes "which is the suitable measuring model of personal and organizational goals alignment?" "Which are the most important personal and organizational goals in Statistical ...  Read More

Modeling the problem of courses timetabling in a small educational institute

S.M. Ali Khatami Fivouzabadi; Mohsen Rahimi; Ali Mohtashami

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 29-54

  In this paper, we will consider the problem of courses timetabling in a small educational institute. We will present the mathematical model considering six hard constraints (compelling constraints) and five soft constraints (constraints that are lot compelling, but regarding them results increasing the ...  Read More

Process orientation by Excellency approach in production enterprises

Akbar Alam Tabriz; Mohammad Bagherzadeh Azar

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 55-73

  At the beginning of the last century, division of labor principle was introduced as a factor for creativity drive, and economical saving, and the requirements of such principles led to hierarchical, task and authority-oriented organizing of different enterprises and organizational levels. This results ...  Read More

Determining Level of goal - achievement of Science and Technology Parks and Research Centers in Iran

Fattah Sahrifzadeh; Mahmood Sharifi

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 75-110

  This research was conducted to evaluate goal-achievement level of science and technology parks and research centers in Iran. Today technology change and development, have led to significant move and innovation in all aspects of our lives to the point, it has remarkably impacted our welfare and life. In ...  Read More

A Contingency approach for implementing of Just-In-Time production system

Jamshid Salehi sadaghiani; Yasser Sobhani Fard; Maryam Akhavan Kharazian

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 111-130

  The researches show that the  implementation of Just-In-Time isn't unique in all situations. The implementation of this system may be differed in different companies, regions or countries and the some components that are needed to situations may be isn't  vital in other situations. The purpose ...  Read More

The relationship between Business Process Re-engineering and learning organization

Reza Vaezi; Zeynab Abbasi

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 131-152

  This article explains the relationship between business process reengineering and learning organizations. As business process reengineering and learning organizations both are techniques to support changing in organizations, this research offers a model which develops an optimized combination of the ...  Read More

A Model for Human Resource Architecture in Organizations

Mir Ali Seyyed Naghavi; Hamid Reza Qasemi

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 153-177

  Human resource management, like every scientific issue other, faces some new approaches that gain from contingents of business environment.  There  has been  a  perspective  since founding up  the human resource management major that has been believed to design job  in ...  Read More

Spirituality and Leadership

Asghar Moshabaki; Mohammad Bashokouh; Vahideh Alipoor

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 177-200

  The objective of this study was to examine the relationship of spiritual orientation of purported servant leaders to the intensity of perceived servant behavior in those leaders. Spirituality in the workplace and more  holistic  styles of  leadership  has  grown in  popularity ...  Read More

Examination of cultural factors influence (based on DOCS model) on job satisfaction and employee performance Case study: the social security organization (indirect remedy bureau of Tehran province)

Alireza Amir Kabiri; Helia Tehrani

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 201-223

  Current   study  examines   the  influence   of  cultural   factors   based  on DOCS  model)  on job satisfaction  and employee  performance   of social security   organization   (indirect   ...  Read More

A mixed Genetic Algorithm and Simulated annealing Algorithm for Cattle Food production process optimization

Maghsoud Amiri; Sara Hatami; Seyed Mostafa Moosavi

Volume 5, Issue 14 , December 2006, Pages 251-273

  In this paper we try to determine optimal combination of effective factors to produce cattle feed. Cattle feed has direct relation with cattle health, this research is done on real case study, therefore the gained results could be too important. Both response surface methodology and design of experiments ...  Read More