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Human resource management, like every scientific issue other, faces some new approaches that gain from contingents of business environment.  There  has been  a  perspective  since founding up  the human resource management major that has been believed to design job  in organization then adapting people into that job.  But, current conditions   of  organizations  and  increasing  important  of  human resource as a knowledge capital is changing this perspective. The new perspective believes each firm needs to a certain human capital whom has  strategic value-creating and high uniqueness, and in this state, human  resource management  of  firm  should adapts  to  the human capital. Mechanism of transit organization from traditional job-based perspective   to   new  knowledge-based   perspective   called   human resource architecture (HRA). In this paper, it is review on theoretical bases   of   HRA,   and   offers   a   model   for   designing   HRA   in organizations. The model has six dimensions including drivers, base elements, human resource system, human resource practices, people behavior, and HRA products.