Document Type : Research Paper



In recent decade many human resource specialist and authors achieve success for aligning and integrating in human resource subsystems. One of these practice developing and formulating competence models as base of human resource development and integrating between training, human resource planning, selection and others human resource units and subsystems. This research aimed to developing and formulating coherent and local model for National Iranian Oil Company. Because of especial NIOC nature and background and governing of especial managerial systems, applying and using current models cannot responsive to company demands. So, company for developing local model need to use grounded theory approach for exploration of tacit knowledge and applying this knowledge to creation competency model. Based on research result, competency model have 5 dimension and 19 items. After model designing, for validity and reliability confirmation, 74 questionnaires completed by supervisors. Data analysis shows that all dimension and items are valid and suitable for NIOC. Also, based on data analysis process improvement dimension is more important than others in model and human resource dimension was less important.