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The comparison between Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in prioritizing of key decision making indicators for buying and selling

Safar Fazli; Saleh Mansouri

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 1-24

  Decision making is the essence of management and the manager is the one who can decide any time. Nowadays, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) are considered as the most eminent tactics of decision making. The aim of this study is to compare the techniques of DEA ...  Read More

A Grounded Theory in Developing Employee Competency Model

Ghasem Ansari Ranani; Mandani Tounkenejad

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 25-50

  In recent decade many human resource specialist and authors achieve success for aligning and integrating in human resource subsystems. One of these practice developing and formulating competence models as base of human resource development and integrating between training, human resource planning, selection ...  Read More

Presenting Fuzzy Approach on Customer Satisfaction Measurement Case Study: Dairying Company

Ali Mohammadnia

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 51-85

  Tending to customer rightly overtax, Organizations gain new customers and keep their satisfaction, therefore based on created competition, organization and companies should seeking suitable ways to customer’s absorption and maintenance. Thus it is vital for business success and it not succeed unless ...  Read More

The effect of the coordination between Human Resource Strategy, Human Capital Strategy and Organizational Behavior Strategy on Organizational Performance

Seyyed Ali Akbar Afjahe; Reza Sepahvand

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 87-113

  Introducing strategic human resource management makes human resource management researcher the understood about the relationships between corporate strategy, human capital, human resource strategy and firm performance. One of the key mysterious subjects in this field appears to be understanding of processes ...  Read More

Developing a Comprehensive Model of Measurement for Intellectual Capital: Case Study of a Profit Organization

Peyman Akhavan; Mir Ali Seyed Naghavi; Morteza Soltani Noh; Taleb Asadi Karam

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 115-142

  This paper reviews intellectual capital literature, develops a holistic model and inspects a case study of holistic model implementation. Reviewing the literature, 34 models of managing intellectual capital have been identified. Extracting different concentration areas of each model, we set up a comparison ...  Read More

Optimization of Financial Portfolio by Using Nadir Compromising Programming

Maghsoud Amiri

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 143-165

  After introducing Markowitz mean-variance model, decision makers (DMs) and financial planners paid much attention to the matter of portfolio selection, so that DMs explain purposes and investment requirements in the frame of multi-objective mathematic models which are more consistent with decision making ...  Read More

Improvement of time efficiency in services process by Using Design of Experiments technique in Six-sigma methodology

Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani

Volume 6, Issue 15 , March 2007, Pages 167-184

  The methodology of six-sigma is one of process improvement’s approaches that its aim is efficiency improvement of process, stability, customers’ satisfaction and cutting deviations such as wastage, reworking and costs. Heretofore different techniques have been introduced for achieving to ...  Read More