Document Type : Research Paper



This research is done for more knowing about automobile industries entrepreneurship environment and has presented the comprehensive model for starting the entrepreneurship in this field. This model is extracted from interviewing Iranian auto parts manufacturing entrepreneurs and most information has collected from them directly. In this model, starting the entrepreneurship process is related to entrepreneurial potential, tendency to entrepreneurship and having a new idea simultaneously. The factors which affect these variables have shown in three categories: individual characteristics, past records and environment (combined attitudes from psychology, sociology and economical environment). This paper is based on a practical research and a Descriptive- Survey method has been used. The sampling population has extracted from auto parts manufacturing industries and the random sampling method has been used too. Therefore, the sample size has been calculated 30, based on the statistical method. Also, in order to evaluate a part of this model (entrepreneurial potential and the in fluencies factors on it), questionnaires have been used and the related perpetuity has been calculated 82% based on Cronbach's a (alpha). Experiences and related analysis have shown that tendency and interest rate of auto parts manufacturing entrepreneurs is high (72.4%). Also, it has been found that the entrepreneurs use some factors like: individual characteristics (73%), Technical knowledge (61%) and organizational structure (61%) in their recruitment process consecutively. Also, the best motivational tools were used by entrepreneurs in their works are as follows:
Remuneration (94%), Value creating (53%) and Promotion (47%). At the end of this paper, based on the findings, the native description of entrepreneurship is presented.